As Twitchy reported, the Greatest Orator of Our Generation™ busted out the big verbal guns today, referring to GOP ideas as “stinkburgers” and “meanwiches.” Because he’s a petulant man-child.

But according to the palace guard media, we’re the ones with the problem:


Must … shield … The One … from … criticism …

Oh, come on.

It’s true. He wrote an article:

But that doesn’t mean he wants to talk about it! It doesn’t mean anyone in the media wants to talk about it!

And you know what? That’s too damn bad. Because we’re talking about it, and we’re not gonna stop.

We’re not aggrieved by the president’s childishness; we’re embarrassed by it. And mockery is the best medicine.

The “peacock mafia” need to sit down and seriously re-evaluate their priorities.

No, they wouldn’t have. Let them stomp their feet at us all they want. They’re only projecting their own hangups and insecurities:

Nailed it.