As Twitchy reported, the Obamacare signup deadline’s no longer a deadline. Instead of having to sign up by March 31, prospective enrollees can just check a box and BAM! They have until mid-April to sign up for an extension.

Obamacare skeptics and opponents are understandably irritated by the White House’s latest arbitrary delay, but CNBC political reporter John Harwood thinks they’re just being bitter and stuff:

Oh, puh-leeze.

Except maybe for Obamacare flack Tara McGuinness. And this guy, “White House Director of Progressive Media”:

Ooo! And Dan Pfeiffer:


Congratulations, John Harwood. You’re in illustrious company.


Principles? You mean like abiding by the Constitution?

Sad, isn’t it?


Answer the question, John! Or maybe you can’t.



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