Rut-roh … UniteBlue Texas’ Becky Carrizales is having a pretty rough day.

Up until recently, Carrizales, who manages the progressive @UniteBlueTX Twitter account, didn’t have much to worry about. Lefties were basically united around Texas gubernatorial hopeful and pro-abort feminist Wendy Davis. Then came the news of Davis’ newfound support for open carry. As Twitchy reported, some libs really aren’t digging that.

So what’s Carrizales to do? Why, call for unity, of course:

Say wut?

But what about The Children™? This Twitter user wasn’t about to let Carrizales’ kid-hatin’, gun-totin’ ways slide:

Oh yes. Most definitely! Though we can’t say the same for Ms. Carrizales.

C’mon, libs! Don’t be slackin’ off!

Nicely done.

Such language!

Doesn’t it, though?

Snort. Carrizales is going to need to take some time to recover from such a verbal spanking.


Heh. That’s so true!

It brightened our whole day.



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