Uh, when has Oliver Willis ever not been serious?

Say it ain’t so!

More from Willis’ monster scoop:

In December of 2013, Koch Industries announced that it had completed its acquisition of Molex Industries, a maker of electronic components. Koch acquired Molex for $7.2 billion dollars and folded it in to its portfolio of industrial companies.

Molex (along with two other companies) makes a key component in Apple’s iPhone line, the Lightning connector which allows the device to sync with external machines like computers, music docks, etc. The connector is also part of the iPad.

So when consumers buy an iPhone, some of those profits will find their way into the pockets of Charles and David Koch, the multibillionaires who have become one of the major funders of right wing activism in the last decade.

Got that, Apple fiends?

Every time you buy an iPhone or iPad, you’re empowering evil capitalist peeeeeeegs!

Awww, group hug!

Notes to Willis and anyone else considering Apple alternatives:


Well, there’s always the Obamaphone:

Cheers, Oliver.


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