It’s not clear from the Muniz’s feed where this supposedly happened:

According to Muniz’s Twitter bio, he’s based in Scottsdale, so Arizona may be a good guess. In any event, we hope that he and everyone else are OK.



ABC15 in Phoenix reports that a police officer and a civilian were shot in east Phoenix Tuesday afternoon.

According to police, the incident began when an officer spotted a Chevy Impala that matched a vehicle description of a car involved in an armed robbery earlier that day at an I-Hop near 44th Street and Thomas Road.

When the officer started following the car, it crashed at the intersection of 56th Street and Thomas and hit a white truck.

Police say two suspects got out of the car and started to wrestle with the officer. Authorities say the driver of the white truck got out of the car and tried to help the officer out.

At some point, one of the suspects grabbed the officer’s gun and fired three shots. One hit the driver of the white truck and one hit a business nearby.

(hat tip: wisconsinpatriot)



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