As Twitchy reported, a holiday stamp shown in a recent U.S. Postal Service mailer had tweeters scratching their heads. Since when did gingerbread houses become a Christmas symbol? And what’s so scary about the C-word?

Our post must’ve finally gotten the USPS’ attention, because this afternoon, it responded via Twitter:

OK, so wouldn’t it have maybe made more sense to use a picture of one of those? At least those symbols bring Christmas immediately to mind. A gingerbread house, not so much.

Seems pretty clear to us, but then we’re not a government agency.

If that were true, we probably wouldn’t be talking about the goofy gingerbread house stamp, would we?

According to @USPS, the holiday stamps featured in the mailer were just the newly released ones:

Fair enough. But that doesn’t change the fact that the USPS probably could’ve thought about things a little more carefully.