For anyone wondering what kind of person would see fit to get behind the oh-so-delightful “Ho-surance” ad campaign, the mystery’s been solved. And shockah! It’s a dude:

Bigger shockah? It’s this dude:

Meet Alan Franklin, ProgressNow Colorado’s political director and bona fide super-stud:

Ooo … wonder what he’s thinking about right at that moment. Probably his world getting rocked:

Hardcore, dude.

He speaks Spanish? Muy caliente! And he totally understands women.

Check out the ladies’ man in action:

Charming bastard, isn’t he?

Congratulations, Alan. You’re the man!

Franklin can try all he wants to make Republicans the bad guys here:

But it won’t work.

Bingo. This calls for a boom-worthy exit question:

Annnnd a win:

Well played.

Editor’s note: Included in an update to this post were references to a tweet by Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado. The post initially stated that PPVC was unaware that a pro-Obamacare group was behind the campaign. PPVC tweeted a clarification, and this post has been amended accordingly. For more information, please click here.



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