This morning, MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts echoed the likes of Amanda Marcotte, Josh Barro, and President Obama with his pronouncement that Americans’ loss of health coverage under the ACA is the fault of private insurers, whose plans just weren’t “up to code.” Thanks to those nefarious insurance companies, naïve citizens were hoodwinked into buying “junk policies” that left them teetering on the edge of bankruptcy:


Is there an intellectual dishonesty that’s happening here from Republicans who are not willing to admit that the shame should really be on private insurance companies who have been selling junk policies to these millions of Americans that don’t meet, now, the ACA’s federal standard of health care that people should have in this country? That basically, there are millions of Americans that have been one disaster — that they can’t even comprehend — away from going into bankruptcy because of the fact that they have had a junk policy that has given them a falsity of safety.

Seriously? What’s it gonna take for Roberts to admit that the Obama administration is responsible for putting insurance companies into this position in the first place?

Running interference for Obama is a full-time job.

What a hack.

Roberts, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be so good at that.



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