Leftist thuggery strikes again:

Blogger Stacy McCain has more on the intimidation campaign against conservative bloggers in North Carolina:

Lady Liberty is a blogger, but she is also a mother worried about her children. Greg Flynn (an editor at the left-wing blog BlueNC.com, a former employee of the state department of education and a Democrat Party activist) apparently decided that identifying Lady Liberty by name would be a good way to shut her up, exposing her family to harassment from his radical Democrat allies. Every conservative in North Carolina — no, by God, every conservative in America — should be mad as hell about Greg Flynn‘s vicious intimidation tactics.

Mad-as-hell conservative North Carolina blogger Sister Toldjah has experienced firsthand what the vicious Left is capable of:

But some libs just refused to get the point:


Wow, indeed.

Lady Liberty 1885 weighed in as well:



She’s a brave woman, but fortunately, this is one battle she doesn’t have to fight alone:

That’s a testament to her character.

They certainly don’t.

Amen to that! Let bullies like Greg Flynn keep trying to silence dissent:

It won’t work. We won’t let them succeed.


Happy warriors keep calm and carry on: