Megyn Kelly has landed a primetime slot on Fox News, but according to Media Matters, that’s nothing to celebrate. In fact, it’s something that should strike fear into Americans’ hearts:

What’s the problem, exactly? Well, Media Matters doesn’t like the way Kelly addressed the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case. They characterize her reporting as obsessive, “often factually inaccurate,” and “not terribly credible.” They also point to a fair and balanced article dismissing Kelly’s coverage as a “minstrel show.” Oh, and don’t even get them started on the IRS and Benghazi “pseudoscandals.”

Now, naturally, MMFA is concerned that giving Kelly a primetime platform will allow her to perpetuate her “conspiratorial scandalmongering” on an even bigger stage. They even retweeted this guy, just to make sure the public is aware of just how dangerous Kelly’s promotion is:

Ugh. The only thing that’s “fake” here is Media Matters’ self-perpetuated reputation as a media watchdog. These people are an absolute joke.

True story.

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