As Twitchy has extensively documented, Democratic politicians across the country are gettin’ down with the people by participating in the so-called “SNAP Challenge.” Their campaign has resulted in some truly snort-worthy photos, but today, New York City comptroller and mayoral candidate John Liu managed to top them all.

Just last week, Liu posted a deliciously pathetic pic of himself eating soup straight from the can — in his limo, of course:

But that was nothing. Today, he’s really roughing it:

White bread and tap water? At a desk? Oh, the humanity!

And oh, the mockery:



Yeah, it’s hard out there for a comptroller:

Don’t let that high salary fool you; he feels our pain.

Hey, maybe he’ll post his next photo from inside the Dumpster!  Til then, perhaps he can share these SNAP tips with his down-and-out followers:

Then again, maybe Liu should refrain from giving advice:




#DemPoliticianSnapChallengeProblem: Citizens mock Democrats’ SNAP fail