Lil Wayne’s been in hot, hot water ever since footage surfaced of him trampling all over the American flag while filming a music video. Today, he took to Twitter to explain away his actions — poorly:

That lame excuse may be enough for a few of his supporters:

But the rest of us are calling B.S. on Weezy:

Caught the the act, for all to see:

Lil Wayne clearly looks down at the flag. Multiple times. He takes us all for fools — and we take him for the pathetic lying liar that he is:

Wouldn’t surprise us. But even that’s no excuse.

Yep. Some choice lyrics from “God Bless Amerika”:

My country ’tis of thee,
Sweet land of kill ’em all and let ’em die

God bless Amerika
This so godless Amerika

Yet for some inexplicable reason, Lil Wayne expects us to believe he harbors no animosity toward America and would never purposely stomp on our flag. Give us a break.

Lil Wayne should be ashamed — of his desecration of the flag and of his slimy attempt to defend his despicable actions.

Want to take a step toward redemption, Weezy? Here’s a good place to start: