No words for this kind of garbage.

Ex-Gov. Jesse Ventura, former pro-wrestler and perpetual raving nutjob, filed a defamation suit last year against Chris Kyle, ex-Navy SEAL and author of “American Sniper.” In his book, Kyle had written about a fight between him and Ventura:

“He was bad-mouthing the war, bad-mouthing (former President) Bush, bad-mouthing America,” Mr Kyle told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

“He told us that we were killing innocent people over there, men women children, that we were murders [sic],” Mr Kyle said, adding that he told the governor to tone down his rhetoric.

“And then he said that we deserved to lose a few guys.”

After Chris was tragically murdered this past February, Ventura asked that Kyle’s widow, Taya, be substituted as the defendant. Because Jesse Ventura is a colossal ass.

Seems to us that Ventura is plenty good at defaming his own character.

If Ventura’s concerned about his reputation, it’s too late. That ship has sailed — straight to hell.