Yesterday, National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke noted that liberals seem to have a consistency issue when it comes to requiring forms of identification:

That’s a great point. Unfortunately, it went over the head of lefty Twitterer @blessroxwell, who seized the opportunity to demonstrate that Cooke’s remarks were born out Confederate nostalgia:

This is the Confederate flag:

Confederate flag

And here’s the background she was referring to:

Charles C.W. Cooke's Twitter page

Notice anything … off? She didn’t:

Oh, and by the way, Cooke is a closet racist:

And basically a Klansman:

Cooke had to set her straight — and give her some advice:

We hear they’re doing amazing things with books these days.

Of course, even after @blessroxwell admitted her flag confusion, she was convinced her smears of Cooke were justified. Because fake but accurate:

Still, she did eventually apologize:

Modest, too.

She’s just an emotional work in progress, you see:

But Cooke had a different take:

Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s still ignorance.

Indeed. When the KKK was formed, it sought to restrict black gun ownership. Maybe @blessroxwell can read more about that now that she’s not so emotional.

Kumbayaaaaaa …

Might not be a bad idea to listen the next time around.

Yeah, that physical realm can be a real pain, what with its pesky facts and things.