Since President George W. Bush implemented his tax cuts in 2001, Democrats have done nothing but hammer the cuts as a gift to wealthy Americans — until now, that is. As part of the fiscal cliff deal, the tax cuts will remain permanent for households making less than $450,000 annually. And suddenly, Dems are crawling all over themselves to take credit for the cuts. Last night, GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert zinged them for their about-face, thanking them for finally acknowledging that the tax cuts in fact benefit the middle class. Others are following suit, calling attention to Democrats’ hypocrisy:

Good question.

Wait — tax cuts are good? That can’t be right!

No. Way.

Ah, that explains it.

Sure is funny how that works.

It’s true. President Obama is quite pleased with himself. But even though he’s shimmying around Hawaii in his gold-plated grass skirt, he’s got little to celebrate.

Fasten your seatbelt, Mr. President.