National Review’s Katrino Trinko reports that Rich Beeson, the Romney campaign’s political director, has no regrets about the campaign’s get-out-the-vote strategy:

“We turned out the groups we needed to on our side,” Beeson says, adding that Democrats “did a better job of turnout than we thought they could do. They did alter the electorate.”

“We hit the numbers we needed to hit. Our ground game turned out the people it needed to turn out. They just turned out more. They turned out 18 to 29 [year olds] at a higher level. They turned out African-Americans at a higher level. They turned out Hispanics at a higher level.”

Beeson thinks that he did the best he could. And if you set reality aside, he did. His definition of “fine” must be the same as President Obama’s. Meanwhile, Twitterers don’t think that Beeson has much to brag about:

Beeson contends that while Orca had its flaws on Election Day, it was a smart idea. “Did the overall system work the way that we wanted it to? No. But it is a good precursor for what I think we’ll want to be able to design and implement and improve on in coming elections? Absolutely,” he says.

“Improve on” is the key. Orca really shouldn’t be held up as an example of what the Romney campaign did right.

As Twitchy reported last week, Project Orca was nothing short of disastrous. If Beeson can’t own up to the mistakes made by him and the campaign, there’s little chance he’ll learn from them.

Sounds like a pretty safe bet.