In an editorial today, Nevada’s largest daily newspaper officially endorsed Mitt Romney for president, but it wasn’t the endorsement that left the lasting impression.

The Review-Journal blasted Obama over his economic ineptitude and absolutely excoriated him and his administration over their handling of the attacks in Benghazi that left four Americans dead. Not only has the president failed to demonstrate any leadership, but, according to the editorial, he is unworthy of being our commander in chief.

The Obama administration sat by doing nothing for seven hours that night, ignoring calls to dispatch help from our bases in Italy, less than two hours away. It has spent the past seven weeks stretching the story out, engaging in misdirection and deception involving supposed indigenous outrage over an obscure anti-Muslim video, confident that with the aid of a docile press corps this infamous climax to four years of misguided foreign policy can be swept under the rug, at least until after Tuesday’s election.

The Review-Journal also slammed the lapdog media for trying to ensure that the truth stay buried:

When Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney promptly criticized the security failures in Benghazi, the White House and its lapdog media jumped all over him for another “gaffe,” for speaking out too promptly and too strongly. Prompt and strong action from the White House on Sept. 11 might have saved American lives, as well as America’s reputation as a nation not to be messed with. Weakness and dithering and flying to Las Vegas the next day for celebrity fund-raising parties are somehow better?

These behaviors go far beyond “spin.” They amount to a pack of lies. To return to office a narcissistic amateur who seeks to ride this nation’s economy and international esteem to oblivion, like Slim Pickens riding the nuclear bomb to its target at the end of the movie “Dr. Strangelove,” would be disastrous.

A major newspaper pushing the truth about Benghazi? Conservatives couldn’t quite believe their eyes, but they were thrilled that an Old Media outlet finally had the guts to speak truth to power:

Indeed. Kudos to the Review-Journal on reminding us of what media integrity looks like. An editorial such as this was a long time coming. Let’s hope that in this case, what happens in Vegas spreads.