Actress and outspoken Romney/Ryan supporter Stacey Dash has taken a great deal of heat from the Left over her desire for a Republican victory in next week’s election. Today, she proudly tweeted a photo of herself with Paul Ryan:

And, predictably, the haters crawled out of the woodwork, knocking everything from her appearance to her “blackness”:

Dash thinking for herself is “acting up”? To the Left, suppressing women’s voices is acceptable when those voices are conservative. Pathetic.

Several haters suggested that she is only supporting the Republican ticket because she and Ryan are having an affair:


She also received the requisite request to kill herself:

And after Dash sent out a tweet expressing concern for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy:

Obama supporters incensed at her enthusiasm for Romney and Ryan reacted by hoping that she drowns:

Fortunately, a handful of liberal fans who disagree with her politically still commended her for expressing her opinion:

One even apologized for an earlier insult:

As they have from the start, conservatives piped up with supportive tweets encouraging Dash to stand up for what she believes:

Hear, hear. Stay strong, Stacey!



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