Last night Bari Weiss dropped a fresh batch of “Twitter files” and part 2 focused on “Twitter’s secret blacklists.”

After the 2nd batch of Twitter filed dropped, Musk started getting follow-up questions. This was one of them:

Before Musk’s answer, remember that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told a congressional committee under oath that the social media platform did not engage in censoring or shadowbanning. That clearly was not the case (though they referred to shadowbanning as being a much more Orwellian “visibility filtering”):

However, Musk’s reply makes it clear that not only was Twitter shadowbanning, but they would do it to the accounts of people running for public office:

Well, there it is!

Seth Dillon has a good follow-up question:

Frankly we’d be surprised.

This story deserves a “Scooby Doo ending”:




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