Yesterday, outside of a Romney campaign event near Cleveland, Ohio, a man caught up with an anti-Romney protester. That in itself is probably not all that remarkable, as protests are fairly common. But this particular protester was special. When asked why she was voting for Barack Obama, she offered up a response that must be seen to be believed, and one that probably has the interviewer’s ears still ringing:

Did you get all that? Obama must be “in president” because he bestows free phones on food stamp recipients, and “Romney sucks” because he doesn’t. That shifty Romney, with all his crazy ideas about people having to earn money to buy their own phones … We’re gonna go out on a limb and suggest that this woman’s priorities are seriously out-of-whack.

But as Jammie Wearing Fool points out, her entitlement mentality lines up perfectly with the one the Obama Administration has worked so hard to cultivate. Babying people who feel they deserve everything merely because they exist is a sure-fire way for Obama and the Democrats to keep half the country under their grubby thumbs.

Conservatives are sick and tired of their hard-earned money being used by our government to feed the entitlement beast, and the Cleveland Obamabot left them absolutely flabbergasted:

A number of Twitterers saw the video as validation of Romney’s earlier “47 percent” remarks:

Watching the Left’s intellectual gymnastics as they try to spin this will certainly be interesting — assuming they have the guts to touch it at all:

Liberals may be too cowardly to address it, but Romney should most definitely not be. As disgusting as the video is, it harbors a silver lining that Romney would be foolish not to milk for all it’s worth:

America is calling, Mitt. Will you pick up?



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