On September 19, in response to the release of the non-bombshell “secret” Romney tape, author Gregory Prince penned a Huffington Post column in which he castigated Mitt Romney for his views on government dependents. According to Prince, himself a Mormon, Romney very poorly represents the tenets of the Mormon faith:

That face of Mormonism is the one that calls on some of its members, particularly bishops and stake presidents, to devote as many hours gratis to their church jobs as they do to their professional jobs. It is the one that summons up extraordinary acts of love, compassion and generosity, often in response to the deepest tragedies of life — and death.

But it is not the one that dismisses out-of-hand half the population of the United States by saying, “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” As a bishop and stake president, Romney worried about those very people. Indeed, he worried far more about them, and spent far more time and means in assisting them, than the others in his flock who were more fortunate.

In Prince’s mind, Mitt Romney’s conservatism and belief in individuals’ ability to improve their lives through faith and hard work as opposed to government intervention makes the presidential candidate a bad Mormon. In other words, with his move to the Right, Romney has abandoned Mormons’ values of good work and charity.

Harry Reid has been among the most vocal of those calling on Romney to release his tax returns over the past several months. Today, Reid nodded his dingy little head in agreement with Prince’s assessment. Hey Harry, know what else happened today? Mitt Romney released that tax return information that you’ve been clamoring for. And guess what: not only did Romney overpay on his taxes, but last year alone, he donated over $4 million of his own money to charity. So it seems to us that his is a fine face for Mormonism. A far finer face than yours. How much did you donate again?