Country superstar and “The Voice” panelist Blake Shelton has dropped hints of his political leanings in the past. Today, he took to Twitter to express his disgust with the way Obama and his bumbling team have made a mockery of foreign policy with their shameful and inept handling of the embassy attacks and global anti-American demonstrations.

A few of his followers expressed their annoyance at his foray into politics:

But Shelton’s fans overwhelmingly expressed support for his willingness to call a spade a spade:

For his part, Shelton insisted that his comments weren’t political in nature:

Shelton may just be attempting to downplay his political inclinations — an understandable move in the entertainment industry — but he’s got nothing to worry about. Addressing pathetic government “leadership” goes beyond politics. When something sucks, it sucks. And good on Blake for being willing to point it out.

It’s worth noting that his “The Voice” costar Adam Levine probably won’t be too pleased about any of this … which only makes Blake’s bluntness taste that much sweeter. Yum.