This afternoon on “America Live,” Fox News’ Megyn Kelly discussed the controversy over actor Jason Biggs’ filthily misogynistic tweets about Paul Ryan, Janna Ryan, and Ann Romney. Twitchy has been on top of this story and has covered it at length, but today marks the first time a major media outlet has addressed it.

Viewers were thrilled that Biggs’ comments were finally being spotlighted by the national media:

Kelly spoke with Fox Business correspondent Dennis Kneale, who reported on the pressure Nickelodeon is facing to fire Biggs. He remarked that Biggs has yet to issue any semblance of an apology and that representatives from Nickelodeon have not returned calls.

Kelly herself called the tweets “really disturbing, vile, and hateful.”

Blogger The Right Scoop captured the exchange:

Twitterers expressed their gratitude to Kelly for calling attention to Pig Biggs’ viciousness and Nickelodeon’s spineless silence:

The report also led to renewed calls for Nickelodeon to kick Biggs to the curb:

With a national spotlight now being shown on Pig Biggs, will Nickelodeon finally move out from behind the nasty actor and stand up for kids instead?