Leave it to the likes of Michael Moore to reveal the truth about Republicans: that every last one of them would like nothing better than to have complete control over women. Moore is reveling in the Todd Akin debacle like a pig in filth, wielding Akin’s callous and ignorant “legitimate rape” comments like a cudgel to smear the entire GOP as the party of misogynistic rape apologists.

Naturally, numerous lefties chimed in with high fives and sycophancy:



“Someone with influence”? The only reason Moore has any influence is that the Left continues to bestow credibility upon him in spite of his well-known penchant for embellishment, lying, and fear-mongering. Dude, if you’re truly influenced by a guy like Michael Moore, you need to find some new role models immediately.

Not content to sit idly by and let Moore use Akin to brand all of them as he-man woman-haters, conservatives fought back:

Oh, you mean these comments? Nah. Don’t hold your breath. George Galloway is a lefty, after all, and is therefore immune from criticism in Moore’s eyes.

A few liberals saw Moore’s ludicrous assertion for exactly what it was and rightly called him out:



Eventually, Moore was forced to make a concession:

Gee, how magnanimous of him.

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