So what’s got Media Matters “Research Fellow” Oliver feeling all depressed? This piece by Media Matters’ Simon Maloy, in which he chastises The Washington Post for “giving cover” to politicians like Mitt Romney. Maloy laments WaPo’s failure to go after Romney for using what he calls “wildly out of context quotes.” Oh, puh-leeeeze.

Maloy’s assertions are ludicrous on so many levels. The Washington Post may be a lot of things, but a shill for the GOP is not among them. Moreover, the Romney campaign has no need to take Barack Obama’s quotes “wildly out of context”; the president has been digging his political grave just fine on his own.

Of course, Oliver lives by the motto “never let facts get in the way of a good leftist media narrative,” so WaPo’s reluctance to condemn the Romney campaign outright for using President Obama’s own words against him really sticks in his craw. And, well, it’s got Oliver longing for the good ol’ days of the media unwaveringly protecting the Democra — er, bashing Republica — er, telling the truth.

Poor Oliver. It must really be tough when a member of the mainstream media falls out of lockstep, even if it’s only for a moment (because let’s not kid ourselves: WaPo will not be waving the Republican flag anytime soon). Not to worry, though. If history is any indication, the lapdog media are here to stay.

And so are we.



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