Mark’s been busy ragin’ against the bad guys as the Hulk, but he’s got time to lend his support to Tom Morello. Morello, if you’ll recall, will be ragin’ against the corporate machine today with his “Guitarmy.”!/Mruff221/status/197337531841396736

But Mark, we’re curious: how much money will you be taking in for your role in “The Avengers”? Is it enough to make a dent in some of #Occupy’s “hardships”? Seems to us that if you’re currently worth $10 million, you should be able to do something to combat all this ragin’ economic inequality, no?

So many Hollywood types are convinced they know how to save the world. So Mark, put your money where your mouth is. Renounce your worldly possessions and take it to the streets. For real this time.

We’ll wait.