Jonah is onto something here. President Obama’s press conferences are generally not barn-burners, but this one rated particularly low on the excitement scale, despite the fact that it costarred Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

ABC’s Jake Tapper snapped a picture of the trio in the Rose Garden:

They all look thrilled to be there.

Topics of this press conference were supposed to include immigration, energy, and trade. And fortunately, there were other people willing to subject themselves to the conference so you didn’t have to, though, if you’re feeling masochistic, you can watch the proceedings here.!/Jordanfabian/status/186874251138183169!/KatiePavlich/status/186874792815759363!/markknoller/status/186874768027430913!/markknoller/status/186874992426885120!/markknoller/status/186876224331710464

Operation Fast and Furious was noticeable for its conspicuous absence.!/KatiePavlich/status/186875246182277120!/KatiePavlich/status/186875435957751808!/marychastain/status/186882102292267009!/marychastain/status/186880596725858305!/marychastain/status/186885892781260801!/Jordanfabian/status/186875331825774593!/KatiePavlich/status/186876024447963136!/Jordanfabian/status/186881788143091712!/Jordanfabian/status/186886371955310592!/Jordanfabian/status/186887526869504000!/KatiePavlich/status/186882068804943872!/KatiePavlich/status/186882959515725825

The constitutionality of Obamacare came up as well.!/philipaklein/status/186879968196837376!/philipaklein/status/186880623489720321!/philipaklein/status/186880701881262081!/markknoller/status/186880675209682945

Barack Obama appears to have established a pattern when it comes to calling out the Supreme Court, and this pattern involves veiled intimidation.

Fortunately for our president, Stephen Harper has his back when it comes to government-run healthcare:!/KatiePavlich/status/186881082468212736

So, what did we learn from this? We learned that while Barack Obama is quite weak in the eyes of much of the world, he’s still managed to hold a handful of international leaders in his pocket. He’s still trying to silence dissent. He’s still shirking responsibility. And he’s still his own biggest fan:!/Jordanfabian/status/186879672582287361

No doubt this presser has elevated America’s position on the world stage.