A Pennsylvania state senator has decided to introduce a bill requiring men to undergo treatment for erectile dysfunction. He’s doing this to illustrate that forcing men to jump through hoops to receive ED treatment and therapy is equivalent to giving women ultrasounds before abortions are performed. Apparently this farce is the best way for the senator to make his point.

Sen. Larry Farnese, D-Philadelphia, said he is suggesting the measure to show how ridiculous he thinks it is to propose subjecting women seeking abortions to ultrasounds. Farnese’s bill also would require men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction to watch a videotape on the side effects of medication.

“No woman should be forced to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound if they don’t want or need the test,” Farnese said. “But for some reason, the Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives think that their degrading legislation is the right thing for female patients who are rightfully accessing their protected health services.”

Farnese wants to require written proof from a doctor that erectile dysfunction medication would benefit a patient. In addition, his proposal would require the man’s partner to sign an affidavit saying that the man suffers from erectile dysfunction, and pharmacists would have to see documentation of compliance with the law before filling erectile dysfunction prescriptions.

Really, there’s nothing so humiliating and degrading to a woman as to suggest she receive an ultrasound before having an abortion. An ultrasound is by far the most invasive procedure a woman could undergo! Thank goodness for legislators like Farnese who are there to look out for women’s best interests.