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Joe Biden's response to loaded question on SCOTUS ruling is actually 'incredibly dangerous'

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It should have gone without saying that President Joe Biden would have some thoughts on today's SCOTUS ruling striking down affirmative action in college admissions. And he took to Twitter to share those thoughts:


Of course, it should be obvious to everyone that, like all of his other tweets, he himself didn't write that one. Granted, it's stupid and platitude-y and ignorant, which is most definitely his style.

The thing is, the tweet is also relatively coherent. Not cogent, but coherent. We understand its message, even if the message is dumb and wrong.

No, to get the true essence of Joseph R. Biden, you've got to go straight to the jackass' mouth. You've got to just ask him point-blank how he feels 



"Not a normal court," says normal person Joe Biden.

Exactly. "Normal" is generally regarded as a pretty subjective term and thus can be difficult to apply objectively, but what is not "normal" about the Supreme Court in its current iteration other than the fact that it sometimes rules in ways that Biden and Democrats don't like? The Supreme Court was never supposed to be beholden to either the executive or legislative, despite the rantings and ravings of judicial activism advocates in both branches. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson also seems to be under the impression that it's her job to legislate from the bench rather than use the Constitution as the guide to all rulings.

And for Joe Biden, the head of the executive branch who took an oath and swore to protect and defend our Constitution, to use today's ruling as an opportunity to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, whose responsibilities are outlined in that very same Constitution, is disgusting and shameful and wrong.


If President Donald Trump was a wannabe authoritarian, so is President Joe Biden.

That honor would go to CNN's Arlette Saenz:

We believe that what Arlette did there would be called "leading the witness" if she were a lawyer. We're not suggesting that Biden's answer wouldn't have been the same if she had just asked him something like "Mr. President, what are your thoughts on the Supreme Court's affirmative action decision?" But we'll never know for sure because she chose instead to ask him a loaded question.


What President Biden should have done right then in there was tell Saenz that while he may disagree with the Supreme Court's ruling, he still respects it and believes in the importance and validity of the Court. But that's not what he did. He indulged and participated in a vile smear.

And the people who are using that language are becoming increasingly open with it.


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