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Mindy Kaling made big mistake thinking woke America was ready for characters in interracial relationships

Mindy Kaling is trending on Twitter today, seemingly out of nowhere. But why? Is it because of her universally reviled HBO series “Velma”?

Nope. It’s so much worse than that. Apparently in the series finale of her Netflix show “Never Have I Ever,” the Indian American protagonist ends up with — gasp! — a white guy. We’re sorry we had to be the bearers of bad news, but you were bound to find out sooner or later.


Watch this clip at your own risk:

Have you ever seen anything more outrageous in all your life? We haven’t actually watched any of “Never Have I Ever” but obviously this is the worst thing that could’ve possibly happened on the show and in American society as a whole. Time to break out the torches and pitchforks!


Yeah! Enough with the interracial relationships already! Doesn’t Mindy know they’re racist AF?


This Indian-girl-loves-a-white-guy thing is just the most recent offense of which Mindy Kaling is guilty. Who remembers this egregious sin from last fall?


Dear God. She liked a tweet by J.K. Rowling? And she still got to have a career after that?


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