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Gynecologist corncobs herself in defense of Dylan Mulvaney and trans women's womanhood

Yesterday, Dr. Ahmad Malik, a surgeon, asked his followers a very simple question that for some reason is viewed as a lot more complicated by a pretty disturbing number of people who claim to care about science: Is Dylan Mulvaney a woman?


The correct, science-based answer is no. A trans woman is not and can never, ever be a biological woman.

The woke answer is, of course, hell yeah, Dylan Mulvaney is a woman, and you’re a bigot if you say otherwise! And this is according to a certain group of gynecologists.

For every physician who takes the fundamentals of biology seriously, there’s another one who practices medicine infected by social contagions. Which brings us to Dr. Michele Quinn, who, as a gynecologist, should literally be intimately familiar with what makes a woman a woman and yet appears to have missed the day it was taught in class:

“Not a good look for a physician” to point out that men and women are different.

Right?! Right?!

That’s how we would respond to the question if the questioner had written “her” instead of “his” and been referring to Dr. Quinn. Because good Lord. How does a doctor — a gynecologist, no less! — put out there that a man is a woman with her professional name? If we were in the market for a new gynecologist and Dr. Quinn were a local provider, we’d steer clear of her and warn others to do the same.


Of course, if her response to Dr. Malik weren’t enough of a red flag, there’s also her Twitter bio:

Ob-Gyn, abortion provider, minimally-invasive gynecologic surgeon, refugee from academic medicine, I bleed Duke blue, #TRANSparent 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈✊🏼 she/her

So, long story short, she’s a nutjob.

That’s exactly what she’s asserting.

Inquiring minds wanna know.

What the hell kind of medicine are they teaching over there at Duke?


“Perfectly functional” in what sense?

No, but we are science people.

They work just fine for whom, though? Not for the trans woman, whose experience, according to legitimate studies, will likely range between numbness to excruciating pain.

She can’t make it make sense.

But regardless of if it’s the aim of gender-affirming surgeries, it’s not the actual outcome.


Some cisgender women do have to use dilators. But it’s not to keep their artificial vaginas from closing up.

Who’s being obtuse?

Too bad nobody told Jazz Jennings about those magical techniques. Could’ve saved her — and countless others — from a lifetime of pain.

It’s not bigotry that has Dr. Quinn running away; it’s science. It’s truth.


At least we’d sort of be able to respect Dr. Quinn for her honesty if she’d just tweeted that before bailing.

Not a good look at all.


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