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Blue-checked PhD/MPH/RN is 'heartbroken and sad' after contracting COVID despite 5 shots and masking

If you can spare a moment and the alcohol, please pour one out for Monica McLemore, PhD, MPH, RN, and Mastodon user, who’s going through it right now.

And by “it,” we mean COVID. Apparently she recently tested positive for the virus and is pretty bummed about it.



Oh, damn. The tweet’s not showing up. Looks like she protected her account. But why would she do that?

That’s too bad. Fortunately, we were able to get a screenshot of her tweet, and we’re going to share it with you now so you can properly sympathize with her:

Three years! Five shots! Constant masking! How could something like this happen to someone like her, someone who believes in science?

Unless, of course, the actual science says that five shots and constant masking can’t keep you from getting COVID.

Joe Biden got a bunch of shots, too, and he still got COVID.

The data have shown that while the COVID vaccine can be effective in some people in protecting against more serious cases, it cannot, in fact, stop the virus from being spread. There was always a chance that Monica was going to get it, and it wouldn’t matter how many shots she had. And she can still get it again. The good news for her is now that she’s had it, she has the added advantage of natural immunity, which, despite what we told endlessly by our Science™-believing betters, is apparently as effective as — if not moreso than — two doses of the mRNA COVID vaccine. Monica McLemore should try to keep that in mind.


We do hope that she recovers quickly and doesn’t experience any severe symptoms or longterm damage. But in the meantime:

Welcome aboard.


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