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Adolf the rails: Kanye West offers up effusive praise for Hitler and Nazis and even Alex Jones is cringing

As a general good idea, it’s not a great idea to play armchair doctor or psychologist. But we feel like at this point, it’s entirely reasonable to conclude not only that Kanye West is mentally unwell, but that he’s outright lost his mind.


He sat down today for an interview with Alex Jones. Or at least we’ve been reliably informed that it’s Ye. We can’t tell for sure, given the fact that he’s got effing black tights or something pulled over his head:

Sure looks promising, doesn’t it? And he was only just getting started:

Ah, good ol’ Nick Fuentes. Kanye and Donald Trump’s dinner companion.

And keep in mind that Donald Trump, while claiming he was unaware of who Nick Fuentes was, willingly sat down to enjoy dinner with Kanye West after West had started spewing disgusting antisemitism everywhere.



Do we, though? Because we don’t feel like we do.

Oh dear.

We can’t tell you that. Once more, with feeling:

Our muscles are actually seizing up from cringing so hard.

And wait until you actually watch this thing:


This train isn’t just off the rails; it’s flipped over multiple times, caught fire, and exploded everywhere.

Dear God. That’s literally what Kanye is doing right now.

Yeah … when you’re too out-there for even Alex Jones, that’s when you know you’ve gone too far.

Looking at you, Candace Owens et al.


Might not be a bad idea at this point.

Anyway, needless to say, we sincerely do hope that Kanye West gets the help he so clearly needs.




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