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Jim Treacher can't help but notice something missing from MSM headlines about Nevada official suspected of murdering a journalist

In case you missed it, Las Vegas Metro Police executed a search warrant at Clark County Administrator Robert Telles’ home yesterday … in connection with the murder of a journalist, Jeff German:


Telles was subsequently arrested and taken into police custody:


Hoooooooly moly.

Anyway, national media have picked up on the story. But, as Jim Treacher can’t help but note, one particular detail seems to be conspicuously missing from their headlines:


Telles is indeed a Democrat. Was there no room for “Democrat” in any of those headlines? Or even just a (D)? It’s only three characters … three characters that seem to be missing from a lot of mainstream media headlines about Democrats behaving badly. And, for the record, as Jim Geraghty pointed out in today’s edition of the Morning Jolt, there are quite a few Democrats who have been behaving pretty darn badly.

Geraghty writes:

Already, some conservatives on social media are playing “name that party,” noting the odd and consistent pattern where if an obscure local Republican official is caught in an embarrassing scandal, the headline and first paragraph will often mention the party affiliation. But if an obscure local Democratic official is caught in an embarrassing scandal, the headline and first paragraph will only mention the person’s title and location; the party affiliation will be mentioned deep in the story — if it is mentioned at all. Like just about every official in Clark County, Telles is a Democrat. We might cut local media some slack on this; they may well believe their audiences already know that any official from this area is all but certain to be a Democrat.

National media outlets, by contrast, don’t deserve any slack. Because they know exactly what they’re doing:


We know why so many media institutions play “name that party”: When a little-known Republican official is caught in a scandal, many left-leaning reporters and editors believe that the event reflects the corruption, greed, selfishness, amorality, and wickedness that lurks in the dark hearts of members of the GOP. When a little-known Democratic official is caught in a scandal, those same reporters generally believe it’s just an unfortunate thing that happened, with no broader implications or lessons.

Do better, MSM. When you’ve set the bar as low as you have, it shouldn’t be difficult.



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