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Lib journo's 'handy decoder tool' for sussing out 'blatant antisemitism' could use quite a bit of work

Have you been finding it increasingly difficult to recognize blatant antisemitism? Well, you’re in luck, because journalist Adam Davidson has put together a simple but very “handy decoder tool” that you can consult if you’re suspicious but not quite sure:


A pattern! Have you caught onto it yet? Here’s a hint: if someone on the Right uses any of those words, they’re antisemitic. Simple as that.

Oh my!


Well, two, really. “Israel,” and “Zionist”:


Case in point:

It’s especially weird that Adam would leave “Zionist” out considering that he himself has used the term:


Antisemitism is shaped a lot like a horseshoe.

Yes indeed.

If you’re in need of a handy decoder tool to suss out left-wing antisemitic hypocrites, Adam Davidson is that tool.


Quaint AF. Not to mention antisemitic in its own right. And don’t think other antisemites out there haven’t picked up on that:

Nice work, Adam. You bigoted schmuck.


So Adam’s work here is done.


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