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Sounds like Kamala Harris just called for more violence ... less than a day after attempted murder of GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin [video]

Kamala Harris is up to her usual today, sitting on a stage making incoherent and/or ignorant remarks in front of a rapt, gullible audience.


Sorry, it’s gibberish. There’s no translation.

Sorry … she didn’t have time to really get into that one.

We weren’t aware that foreign leaders’ opinions were supposed to dictate domestic U.S. policy.


OK, dear.

And speaking of the Supreme Court, here’s what Kamala had to tell her fellow liberals who are dissatisfied with certain policies and laws as they stand:

Interesting phrasing there.

Fight it in the streets, you say? That sounds suspiciously like violent, incendiary rhetoric, does it not?

She’s a cop, for crying out loud! She should know better!

And today, of all days.

A man rushed the stage where GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin was speaking and tried to stab him just yesterday, and here’s Kamala Harris, emphasizing the importance of fighting in the streets.


Not only is she condoning violence against GOP politicians, but she’s fanning the flames of insurrection.

Textbook insurrection, folks.

Republicans definitely need to form a committee to address this. In the meantime, Kamala Harris should be impeached. You can never be too careful, after all.

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