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Remember when WaPo cited 'experts' to dismiss conservatives who predicted that gas prices would skyrocket under Biden?

Things are pretty terrible right now, economically speaking. And when things get terrible, people tend to want to retreat to a place in time when things weren’t so terrible.


So let’s travel back to November 2020, before Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States. Things weren’t so terrible then, and as the Washington Post was careful to point out, things would never actually get terrible:

Take a look:

And here, of course, is where we’re at today, not quite 18 months into Joe Biden’s presidency:

Gotta love the Experts™.

No, seriously. You’ve gotta love this:

Sounds like the Experts™ got it wrong. Again.


It is pretty hilarious. High gas prices and a crap economy aren’t hilarious, of course, but we have to take our amusement where we can get it. And seeing the Experts™ faceplant is amusing as hell.

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