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NY Mag devotes their aptly named The Cut to '[helping] you get an abortion'

As of right now, Roe v. Wade is still “the law of the land.” But with the Supreme Court poised to possibly relegate it to the historical dustbin, states are already scrambling to pass laws concerning abortion, either making it easier or making it more difficult (this issue always should’ve been left up to the states, but whatever).


Anyway, the good folks at New York Magazine want to make sure that in these tumultuous times, birthing people know where they can go to get that abortion they’re desperately seeking. So, in a defiant act of stunning bravery, they’ve devoted their platform to the cause:

Irin Carmon writes:

In his leaked draft opinion demolishing Roe v. Wade, expected to be finalized in June, Justice Samuel Alito said abortion’s legality is not “deeply rooted in the nation’s history and traditions.” Abortion’s reality unquestionably is. “The historical record clearly shows that generations of women desired and needed abortions, and neither law nor church nor taboo could stop them,” Leslie Reagan writes in her definitive history, When Abortion Was a Crime. She quotes a doctor’s letter from 1888: “I am sure there is no comparison between the number of abortions committed by doctors and the number committed by women themselves,” he wrote. “They talk about such matters commonly and impart information unsparingly.”

For all the hacksawing of rights the justices are poised to do, the First Amendment still exists, and for now it is understood to protect the sharing of information about abortion. What we’re offering here is not medical advice but a pathway to understanding your options and liabilities with a comprehensive guide to getting an abortion in the U.S. now. It will be regularly updated online to bring you the information you need.

The wreckage of Roe will cause unimaginable suffering. But what will also follow is a chance for people in places that believe in reproductive freedom to cast off some of its vestiges: its inherent medical paternalism, which Ruth Bader Ginsburg disdainfully referred to as “tall doctor and little woman needing his advice and care”; the racial and class disparities in public and private funding and movement leadership; the continuing invisibility of the lives of actual patients; and the half-century-long gap between Roe’s promise and its reality. It is, at least, a moment to see things clearly.


Wow, Irin Carmon. Thank you for this.

Doing the Lord’s work.

Well, the abortion is the point.

A focus on prevention — or on alternatives to abortion — would put Planned Parenthood out of business. And that would mean fewer resources for covering up the rapes of underage girls (which is a service that Planned Parenthood has been documented performing). And we can’t have that, now can we?


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