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'O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys': Andy Ngô shares disturbing content from Brooklyn suspect Frank James' purported social media [pics, video]

As we told you, Touré was beside himself over yesterday’s mass shooting terrorist attack in a Brooklyn subway station. No, not because of the casualties … because the suspect is a black man, Frank James. But if you thought Touré was upset then, just imagine how out-of-his-mind he’ll be when he sees these tweets from Andy Ngô about Frank James’ purported social media activity:


And, like both the Waukesha terrorist attack and the Louisville assassination attempt, yesterday’s subway attack will likely have fallen off the Left’s and MSM’s radars by the end of the week.

Moving on:

Let’s take this opportunity to be clear: none of this suggests that all Black Lives Matter activists or anti-Trump activists would open fire on innocent people. But this stuff is still worth highlighting, because if it had been a Trump supporter who had shot up a subway station, everything he or she had ever posted on social media would be used to paint the Right as a whole as terrorists.



This is pretty incriminating stuff.

Is there any doubt, anywhere, that if Frank James were a white Trump supporter, his face and these screenshots and videos would be plastered all over mainstream media outlets and being used as proof that Trump supporters are white nationalist neo-Nazis?



Of course there’s plenty more footage out there:


So what’s gonna happen to Frank James?

Wouldn’t be the first time that sort of thing happened.

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