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Nancy Pelosi puts her trust in people like this blue-check who's convinced that Marsha Blackburn just outed herself as a white supremacist

As sure as the sun rises every morning and sets every night, we can always count on a liberal blue-check to say something incredibly dumb. Now, to be sure, there are always loads of great candidates to choose from, but there are only so many hours in a day and we can’t possibly get to all of them. So we have to wade through all the gold and look for the biggest nuggets.


We ran across a good-sized nugget recently, from retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré. He’s a huge lib or whatever, which is fine. It’s his prerogative. What’s decidedly less fine is that he’s also, it would appear, a general moron.

Some of Honoré’s eagle-eyed followers brought to his attention that GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn had made a white supremacist hand gesture during the Senate’s confirmation vote on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination:

And Honoré was nothing short of inspired to pick up the ball and run with it:


Check his timeline for all his retweets of like-minded individuals.

Basically, Russel Honoré is a nutjob conspiracy theorist. That’s his prerogative, too, we suppose. And it’s fine for him if he wants to be like that, as long as he’s not also involved in anything important like, say, “security infrastructure” on Capitol Hill:

From CNN’s January 15, 2021 article:

“To protect our Democracy, we must now subject the security of the U.S. Capitol Complex to rigorous scrutiny,” Pelosi said in a statement. “To that end, I have asked Lt. General Russel Honoré (Ret.), a respected leader with experience dealing with crises, to lead an immediate review of the Capitol’s security infrastructure, interagency processes and procedures, and command and control.”

Pelosi said in her announcement that Honoré “has strong experience with the security of the National Capital Region” and noted that members of House leadership worked with him “during Katrina and saw firsthand his strategic and patriotic leadership.”


And now, all of Twitter has seen firsthand his tinfoil hattery.

Nancy Pelosi sure can pick ’em, huh?

Not that we needed another reminder, but here we are.

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