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Glenn Greenwald reveals the ultimate goal of 'so many smug media figures [who] are uniting in condescending denunciation of Joe Rogan'

When comedian and UFC fan Joe Rogan launched his podcast, he had no way of knowing that he’d ultimately end up with a target on his back, put there by journalists of all people.


But here we are.

“In that environment.” Please. In theory, any environment could allow for people to be exposed to misinformation. Environments like CNN, for example.


We’d like Matt Yglesias to tell us when Joe Rogan ever claimed to be a careful journalist. As for the disciplined thinker part, the best thinkers are willing to ask questions and acknowledge that there might be other thinkers out there who might know more than they do.

Glenn Greenwald is a journalist by trade, but unlike so many other journalists, he understands that journalists don’t know everything. Maybe that’s why he’s an independent journalist these days: he can’t in good conscience be part of a media with no self-awareness or capacity for introspection.

That’s it in a nutshell, yeah.

The House of CNN is riddled with broken glass, but they just can’t stop throwing stones.


We can count on one hand the number of journalists who demand respect for their expertise while taking no responsibility for their mistakes.

Many journalists are, in fact, rewarded for their malpractice. Greenwald cites MSNBC’s Joy Reid as one of the most egregious examples:

Or, rather, corporate media would have no standards if not for double standards.

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