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Tom Elliott takes a look back at the COVID vaccine narratives that media and experts would prefer we forget [videos]

These days, media are fine acknowledging that the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent illness or transmission. But it wasn’t always that way.

Grabien’s Tom Elliott still remembers the Before Times, back when the Biden administration was pitching the COVID vaccine as the only way to for sure shut down the virus, and the media were only too happy to help. To that end, Elliott’s put together a delightful thread featuring ostensibly respectable media outlets promoting journalists and “experts” who wound up getting it very, very wrong:



Is it any wonder that so many of the people who were told that the vaccine prevented transmission and illness feel like they were misled?

As we learn more, science can change. We have no problem acknowledging that. What we do have a problem with is all the journalists and purported People of Science who insisted, without sufficient data to back up their claims, that the COVID vaccine would stop the virus once and for all. And the fact that so many of them are pretending now that they’ve always known this would happen is just icing on the crap-filled cake.


The COVID vaccines are invaluable, and they’ve worked effectively to cut down on the likelihood of severe illness or death from COVID. It would’ve been nice if that had been the messaging all along.

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