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MUST WATCH: Genius mashup absolutely nails media fear pornographers willing to straight-up lie in order to fan the flames of omicron panic [video]

Last week, progressive Harris County, Texas, Judge Lina Hidalgo was sad to report that an unvaccinated man in his 50s had died from the omicron variant of COVID:


The thing was that what Hidalgo was reporting had not, in fact, been confirmed. Unlike Hidalgo, Behind the Headlines journalist Dan Cohen actually looked into the matter, and what he learned called Hidalgo’s tweet into question:

And in a shocking turn of events, media ran with the story that the man had died from omicron, claiming that his death had been confirmed to be omicron-caused despite the fact that, as Cohen showed, there had been no such confirmation.


Yeah. Huh.

You know, Dan, there might be something to your theory. Because if the media wanted to spread panic among the public, what, exactly, would they be doing differently than what they’ve been doing?

Matt Taibbi recently wrote a Substack article about the media driving so much of the panic surrounding the omicron variant, and his article featured a video by Matt Orfalea. Orfalea’s video quite entertainingly — and cuttingly — shines a glaring spotlight on the media’s disgraceful behavior and all-around insanity.

Because a lot of people out there should see Orfalea’s work, Glenn Greenwald also shared it on his Twitter feed:


And that’s only just a taste. Here’s Orfalea’s full video:


Is omicron totally harmless and nothing to be at all concerned about? Only a fool would try to make that argument. For some people, contracting the omicron variant could prove very serious. But the data thus far have shown pretty conclusively that overall, omicron is less severe than alpha and delta, particularly for those who have natural immunity and/or have been vaccinated.

In a sane world, the media would be thrilled to spread that news. But in the world we’re currently living in, the media have a demented vested interest in keeping as many people as terrified as possible for as long as possible.



And what makes them particularly vile is that, barring some kind of miracle, they’ll never have to answer for any of this. They’ve been getting things wrong from the outset of the pandemic, and they just proceed as though they’ve been consistent all along. They make zero apologies for their roles in making things infinitely worse.

It’s not just disgusting; it’s potentially dangerous. The same media firefighters who have been self-righteously railing against the scourges of misinformation and disinformation are straight-up lying to people. The media evidently have no regard for the public’s health at all. Whatever narrative they’re running with at the time is the narrative they think will drive their ratings up the highest.

The media want to shame the Right, but the fact is that the shame is all theirs.

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