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Bloomberg Opinion boldly proclaims that Elon Musk's tweets — not all 'the cars and rockets and stuff' — will be his ultimate legacy

Regardless of how you personally feel about Elon Musk, there’s not denying that he’s kind of a big deal. Not that TIME’s opinion on anything matters, but there’s kind of a reason that they named him their Person of the Year.

Or maybe many reasons. Bloomberg Opinion decided to take a look at some of them.

The highlights include Musk’s wealth, of course, as well as Tesla and SpaceX’s success.

But Bloomberg also points to Musk’s tweets as a reason for his Person of the Year status. In fact, Bloomberg thinks it’s Musk’s tweets that will ultimately be his legacy:

And that’s all very interesting, but come on.

Just because people hundreds of thousands of people come running every time Musk tweets something doesn’t mean that the tweets are the thing about him.

People do not live and die by the Twitter. Not even Donald Trump’s Twitter.




Knock us over with a feather.


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