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'What the hell'? Joe Biden responds to important questions about COVID19 deaths and virus' origins by ... grinning and walking away [video]

Recently, Joe Biden warned Republicans that they’re “gonna in for a problem” in 2022. That understandably led some people to question his competence and mental wellbeing.


This will — and frankly should — lead to even more questions about those things:


Could be.

This definitely seems like the sort of thing that everyone should have a chance to see.

What’s so funny? Care to let us all in on the joke, Mr. President?


His answer was a smile and chuckling. That’s it.

And that’s not so much an answer as it is a disturbing slap in our faces and in the faces of everyone who’s died from COVID19.

When does Joe Biden take responsibility? Not just for COVID19 deaths, but for being deranged?


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