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California may have stumbled upon 'a new strategy to prevent people from leaving the state' [photo]

California Democrats have been telling their own constituents — and the whole country, really — that things are not ackshually as bad as they may seem.

Stores closing because of rampant shoplifting? Nothing to worry about. Just shop someplace else (or give shoplifting a go). Widespread homelessness? Hey, at least they’re unlikely to freeze to death.


Skyrocketing gas prices? Well, obviously that gasoline must be the best gasoline in the whole country:

Hot stuff!

Hey, man. Look on the bright side:

It’s true.

It’s actually a pretty expensive dunk, pal:


$4.31 a gallon is nothing to brag about.

Winning the lottery is probably your best bet at this point.

Can’t leave if you can’t afford to gas up your car!

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