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John Oliver's purportedly honest conversation about Israel's 'f*cking war crime' also contains a healthy amount of America bashing [video]

John Oliver has managed to parlay not being very funny into a pretty successful career as a comedian. But he’s so much more than that.

He’s also seen by many people as some sort of domestic and international policy expert, thanks in no small part to his gig hosting “Last Week Tonight” on HBO.


And if you tuned into his show last night, you were treated to another one of his signature hot takes

If John Oliver were serious about having an honest conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he wouldn’t be unleashing his full fury upon Israel for defending itself from terrorists, particularly considering how committed the Israeli military is to mitigating civilian collateral damage (something Hamas is not even remotely concerned about).

And to protect Palestinian children. But blind anti-Zionism and antisemitism don’t allow for that discussion.


It’s actually quite easy to argue if you’re not an intellectually dishonest bonehead like Trevor Noah. (What is it about “Daily Show” personalities hating Israel and Jews?)

Terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah regularly invoke antisemitic blood libels to justify their murderous campaigns against Israelis. So in that sense, it’s not criticizing Judaism; it’s open hostility to Judaism.

And it’s getting pretty popular.


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