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'Breathtaking insanity': NY all set to pay 'undocumented immigrants' up to $15,600 apiece to compensate for work lost during COVID19 pandemic

If the COVID19 crisis has shown us one thing, it’s that New York has got its priorities in order.

Case in point:


More from the New York Times:

The excluded workers fund, part of the state’s new $212 billion budget deal that was reached on Tuesday, was one of the most contentious points of debate during negotiations, which dragged on past the April 1 deadline.

Republicans instantly criticized the measure as out of touch at a time when many other New Yorkers were still struggling, while some Democrats from swing districts upstate and on Long Island said privately that a publicly funded rescue program for people who are not in the country legally could be wielded as a cudgel against them in future elections.

“The question is not, do you help these workers, it is how do you do it and how do you structure it in a way where it is defensible in these districts,” said Bruce Gyory, a Democratic political consultant. Workers had made a compelling case that they had been devastated by the pandemic, he said, but some rural and suburban voters might see the payments as an expensive, and unfair, benefit for noncitizens.

And they’d be right.


New York Dems really thought this one through.

Yeah, our thoughts exactly.

“Free money” can be a hell of a motivator.

They’re not doing much for citizens, period.



If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that if New York decides to keep pulling stuff like this, pretty soon there won’t be anyone left to foot the bill:

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