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Really? PolitiFact needs WaPo Fact Checker's help deciding whether or not 60 Minutes' hit piece on Ron DeSantis was 'deceptively edited'

Well, well, well … looks like PolitiFact finally got around to examining “60 Minutes” hatchet job on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Took them along enough, but better late than never, right?


So what’s their final Truth-o-Meter ruling for this one? Gotta be “Pants on Fire,” right?

As if:

“Could be labeled.”

Wow, PolitiFact. You guys are really all over this:

The “60 Minutes” segment omits some of the background on why Florida partnered with Publix to distribute coronavirus vaccines. That omission could constitute “deceptive editing,” as some social media users have claimed.

“Deceptive editing” means a clip “has been edited and rearranged,” according to the Washington Post’s guide to manipulated video. Deceptive editing can include omission (“editing out large portions from a video and presenting it as a complete narrative” to “skew reality”) and splicing (“editing together disparate videos (that) fundamentally alters the story that is being told”).

By omitting DeSantis’ remarks on why the state partnered with Publix to distribute vaccines in Palm Beach County, the “60 Minutes” clip could fall into the former category.


They needed to look to the Washington Post Fact Checker for guidance. They really couldn’t figure this one out on their own?

And ultimately, they didn’t even bother with a Truth-o-Meter ruling. For maybe the most Pants-on-Fire thing CBS News has pulled in years, and PolitiFact can’t even tell their readers that CBS News deliberately lied. We can almost picture PolitiFact’s fact-checkers twisting themselves into pretzels trying to figure out a way to go easy on “60 Minutes.”



Another good point about PolitiFact’s pathetic excuse for a fact-check:

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