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'Oh my God': Meet some NY Dems who were too self-righteously indignant to realize they should've been raging at Maxine Waters [screenshots]

As Twitchy told you, Democratic New York State Senator Diane Savino breathlessly explained that “4 years of Trump has led to words becoming weapons”:


On its face, her tweet is obnoxious, because plenty of leftists felt called to violent actions over the past several years as a result of their interpretations of Democrats’ words.

But it gets even more ridiculous. Because of course it does.

Here’s the tweet she was responding to:

Which was written in response to this one:

Which was written in response to this one:

Now, you might be asking yourself what sort of person sees the name “Maxine CuomoWatch” and believes that’s actually someone’s name.


Turns out, the kind of person who believes it is a New York Democrat.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold has put together a little collection of Savino’s fellow suckers:


Yeah, it does go without saying … but it’s good to affirm it just for giggles.


Maxine Waters was literally inciting violence when she told supporters to harass members of the Trump administration. And Democrats made excuses for her.

But when her words are attributed to a nonexistent Andrew Cuomo critic, suddenly it’s outrageous and horrible and dangerous.

And boy, did they call it.

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